New York Premiere

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Savannah’s New York Premiere

I stepped off the airplane in NY and hailed a cab to the New York Dress fashion studio to meet the amazing New York Dress team who greeted my mom and I at the door with the warmest welcome. Three beautiful designers dresses awaited me in size 00. The shoot was so much fun and we laughed the whole entire time and the photographer even captured a few action still shots of the crew and I which was totally cool! New York life is so busy compared to LA. On the way to the premiere my family (brothers, mom and dad took the Subway to take us to the Quad Cinema Premiere of California Solo.

I felt like Sarah Jessica Parker coming out of the revolving hotel door for the first time with the bright lights of New York hitting my glamorous Jasz Couture 4419 (in royal). Hailing a cab and taking the subway to get to the screening was such an indescribable, happy feeling. The New York Dress Purple Collection (earrings and bracelet) accessories complimented the dress perfectly pulling my entire look together.

I was a little nervous watching myself on the big screen again although I had seen California Solo for the first time at Sundance Film Festival in January. This time I felt more relaxed. I got to sink into a comfortable place and have what I like to call an out of body experience not really seeing the character as myself for the first time, but as the lovely Arianwen she was created to be alongside Robert Carlyle and Kathleen Wilhoite.

Everyone complimented the New York Dress that I chose. New York truly is a city that never sleeps and New York Dress is a testament to those famous Frank Sinatra lyrics from ,”New York.” They are always available to customers 24/7 365 days a year for all your fashion needs! It is a magical moment in my career and I am so happy and blessed to be a part of California Solo Cast and New York fitting. Thanks New York Dress Fashion Team! You guys are great!


Savannah Lathem