Obsessed with…Pastel Chalk Died Hair

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Obsessed with…Chalk Dyed Hair

After weeks of seeing this trend on every magazine, blog, street corner and tweet, we came to the realization we were thoroughly (and healthily) obsessed with chalk dyed hair. Don’t want to take on the tedious task of a costly salon visit or commit to the trend for weeks? No problemo babe. There was a way and we found it and now we are sharing our delightful find with you. The good news? You’ll go back to your days in high school art class with the method and you can fearlessly wear a white blouse with your newly colored hair. It won’t smudge, so go on and shake that hair as much as you want.

You’ll need:
Chalk Pastels

1) Pick your favorite chalk color and wet the tip of the chalk you have chosen. Rub the end of the chalk up and down the tips of your hair, re-wetting when necessary. (You can also wet your hair instead of the chalk, but I find it easier to just re-wet the chalk when needed. You don’t want your waterlog your hair, since then it will become a mushy mess.

2) Experiment. This type of hair is meant to be fun and carefree!

3) Wait for your newly colored hair to dry a little before you get dressed. You don’t want to get colored dye on your party outfit. After you’ve had your fun, simply wash your hair with shampoo and voila!

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