Old Hollywood Beauty Tricks

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Old Hollywood Beauty Tricks

Curious about beauty trends of the past? We found a few interesting

tidbits from these Old Hollywood stars. Starting with Elizabeth Taylor,

we found that she never left the house without perfume. She believed

scent was extremely important, which is why she created so many

timeless fragrances. Keep scrolling to find more ways these silver

screen stars stayed beautiful!

Grace Kelly always chose neutral shades of makeup to enhance her

natural features.

Sophia Loren ingested two tablespoons of olive oil each day. She

also moisturized with it and added it to a hot bath for a nourishing

skin soak.

Marlene Dietrich never used mascara on her lower lashes since she

believed it cast a shadow making her look tired.

For luscious locks, Rita Hayworth regularly shampooed her hair with hot

water, saturated it with oil and wrapped it in a towel for 15 minutes.

She’d rinse it out with a cleansing mix of hot water and lemon juice to

get rid of residue.

Joan Crawford splashed her face with ice cold water 25 times each morning.

Katherine Hepburn exfoliated regularly with a mix of sugar, warm water

and lemon juice, followed by splash of ice-cold water.

Jane Russell always matched her lipstick to her nail polish.

Bette Davis put cucumbers on her eyelids every night before bed and

a layer of petroleum jelly to keep puffiness and dark circles away.