Our Top 5 Favorite Things About Christmas in NYC

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Our Top 5 Favorite Things About

Christmas in NYC

Christmas in New York City is a magical time. From the whimsical

windows to the colorful, blinking lights, the city becomes an amazing

spectacle each and every winter. This year, we wanted to share the best

things about holidays in the city. Here are the top five best places

to go and things to see in the wonderful place we call home. First comes

Rockefeller Center which is a classic attraction. The tree is fantastic

and, if you’re able to ice skate, it’s an adventure you won’t soon forget!

The Rockettes

Next is a live-event: The Rockettes. Everyone should see them at

least once. It puts you right in the Christmas spirit!

Sixth Avenue Decorations

After you see the Rockettes, you must take a stroll down 6th

Avenue for the decoration display. Have fun and take lots of photos!

Holiday Markets

Grab all your gifts from the many holiday markets this city has to offer!

Stop by this one in Columbus Circle or visit Bryant Park for shopping, hot

chocolate and ice skating!

Christmas Windows

Every year, the major department stores put out a wonderful display.

Bergdorfs is especially extravagant and always worth the trip.