Party Makeup

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Party Makeup 101

The holidays are inching closer by the day, which means holiday parties and outings are not far behind. This time of year, you might feel it necessary to add a little sparkle to your makeup look-whether it be a flirty lash or a sparkly lid. We’re looking at the celebrities who’ve overdone themselves in their holiday inspired looks. Take notes, ladies!

Overdosing on glitter: Sure a little sparkle goes a long way, but make sure not to overdo the glitter so as not to look like a disco ball. In the end, glitter overdose just detracts from your natural beauty babes. Solution: Opt, instead for a shimmery shadow with reflectors that’ll give you the effect you’re looking for.

Kesha’s overly glittered look


Washed out lips: The holidays are a fun time to experiment with colours and finishes, but choosing a matte one like NeNe Leakes or Jennifer Farley can wash out your complexion.

Leakes and Farley are washed out in their wrong lip shade choices


Thick lip liner: Lip liner is something that you must be careful in applying. Lip Liner works best to stop your lipstick from bleeding, not worn alone. While you may wish for plumper, fuller lips, you shouldn’t overdo or over exaggerate the lip liner.

Victoria Beckham with heavy lip liner in her pre Spice Girls days


Heavy Clunky Lashes: We know the power of thick flirtatious lashes-we’re all for them. But if you want to avoid looking like Mr. Snuffleupagus, take heed of this common mistake. Clumping and layering on the mascara and falsies won’t necessarily make your eyes stand out. If you wanted length, add individual lashes and two coats of waterproof mascara.

Ashanti’s spider-like clumpy eyelashes


Wearing dark colors on the lids and lips: This look is very hard to pull off. We suggest you stick to one or the other-dark on the eyelids and lips can be overbearing and detract from your features.

Gwen Stefani and Rachel McAdams in red lips and smokey eyes