Perfume Etiquette

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Perfume Etiquette

Finding your signature scent can be a very important decision as it’s indicative of who you are. What does your scent say about you and how do you go about choosing yours? Here are a couple tips for choosing the best fragrance that suits you and how to make it work for you.


-You might want to give yourself a little more time between fragrance purchases. You must realize that perfume dries differently on everyone’s skin. When you are searching for a new fragrance, one of the worst things you can actually do is to douse your forearm with dozens of perfumes because it’ll be harder for you to distinguish one perfume from another.

-The best thing for you to do is to take a small spritz bottle filled with cold coffee. Make sure to use the provided tester strips to test out the perfume so you don’t leave with a headache. In between testing perfumes, spray some coffee onto a test strip to cleanse your oratory palette.

-Once you narrow down the perfumes to one or two favorites spray one wrist with one scent and the other with a second scent. Work with a specialist or someone at the counter to let you know what notes are in each perfume.

-Ask for a sample of each perfume and take it home with you-over the course of one or two days, you’ll discover which scent works best with your body chemistry.

Where to spray your perfume:

-The best places to spray your perfume are your wrists, nape of your neck, small of your back and the cascade of your knees. These areas are all perfect because they create natural body heat and release your scent perfectly throughout the day. Avoid rubbing together your wrists because this will change the way your perfume smells.

-Do not spray perfume over any fabrics because it can ruin them and the scent never really lasts. It’s best to always apply fragrance onto your skin.