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Spotlight: Nail Polish

Those ten fingers your parents anxiously counted as soon as you were born have experienced a sudden spotlight in the last year. Yes, it’s true-those 10 dainty little fingers, which you may have only tended to once a month or every other month are now in focus. Some experts attribute this ‘nail craze’ to the ‘Lipstick Effect,’ which refers to the phenomenon of women buying more cosmetic products during times of economic hardship. In other words, the lower the DOW, the bigger our makeup palette. Have your doubts? Studies by the University of Texas at San Antonio and Arizona State University suggest that women turn to the uplifting power of cosmetics to help land a man who is, for lake of a better term, rolling in the Benjamins. Do you think this is true for you or anyone you know? While you ponder that question, here’s an interesting fact: nail polish sales have risen an astounding 70 percent in the last year. To be precise, nail polish colors have risen 70 percent while top and base coats have risen 100 percent. That being said, it’s no wonder why cosmetic companies such as Loreal and M.A.C. have released major nail polish campaigns and why nail art is as common as lip balm.