Prom 2011 Trend Alert: Oversized Floral Prints

With this year’s prom floral prints, you’ll be anything but a wallflower.  They are bold and festive and bring a grand style with gorgeous color and delicate design.

A distinct pattern among the prom florals is large accent flowers at eye-catching points along the skirt and bodice.  It’s a very different look than the small rose prints and delicate garden prints we saw a lot of last spring and summer.  Smaller flowers tend to blend into a dress by adding a subtle texture, but larger flowers stand out and have a way of drawing eyes from clear across the room.  That kind of look-at-me drama is perfect for girls who really want to get noticed at prom.

Another asset of this style of floral print is dynamic color blending.  Using bold color contrasts in oversized floral shapes strikes the eye in a very pleasant way.  Blues and yellows and pinks and greens combine in a perfect complementary harmony and look very fashionable.

To look and feel your best in this year floral prints, consider your favorite flowers and which colors suit your skin tone.  This is going to be your best combination because you’ll never tire of looking at those gorgeous flowers and you’ll look equally amazing in the right colors, too. 

We have a few favorites from this year’s collection, mostly for their uniqueness.  And we’re in love with this year’s many options.  Any girl can find a floral print that defines her style.  You can be soft, springy, and delicate, or festive, bright, and bold, and everything in between.  Check out our floral picks and tell us what you think:

Turquoise Lily Print with Copper Contrast 

Abstract Wildflower with Fuchsia 

Blue Asters on Burnout Chiffon 

Tropical Garden on Sea Green Chiffon 

Lovely Lilac Rose on Chiffon