Prom 2011 Trend Alert: Pop Colors

It’s a busy time at .  We’re smack in the middle of adding all the prom 2011 dresses to our website and completely dizzied by sequins and sparkles.  We’re really excited, too, because this year’s gowns are stunning.  You’re gonna love ‘em.

Among the prom 2011 dresses, one of the biggest trends is a bright explosion of pop colors.  Pop colors scream fun, which really sets the tone for this year’s event.  It’s going to be a big, festive celebration punctuated by luscious floral prints, daring ombrés, and charming solids in a rainbow of bright pinks, aqua blues, mint and lime greens, and banana yellows.

If you rewind back to this year’s homecoming collections, you’ll recall that a subdued color palate and lots of black dominated the scene.  Prom, however, is going in a completely different, and more colorful, direction.  Part of that difference has to do with the season.  Prom is in the spring, so naturally the color palate leans toward pastels and springy colors.  This year, though, those lovely spring tints are stepping it up a notch in loud and lively pop colors.

So how do you accessorize these bright colors?  It depends on your personal style and the particular dress you choose.  But since your dress is going to be driving your look, it’s okay to let your accessories take a back seat.  Black or neutral peep toes are an excellent choice for shoes, and they’ll look fabulous paired with a clutch or wristlet in the same color.  Adding a little gemstone sparkle lets you cast a colorful pop shimmer, so diamonds, colored gems, and rhinestones are a fabulous way to glam up your accessories, too.  Just make sure you don’t overdo it on the sparkle—you don’t want to blind anyone.

You might want to try something daring with your hair to match that fun, colorful mood.  A half updo with loose curls and lots of volume makes a bold statement, as does flowing tresses or a French twist with a sassy pompadour.  Have fun with it and you’ll stay on trend for prom 2011.