Prom Beauty Dos and Don’ts

Prom Beauty Dos and Don’ts

Prom night can be a bit hectic so here are a few do’s and don’ts to get

you through the big night.

Do: Try your dress on multiple times before prom so you can make any

necessary alterations.

Don’t: Break in new shoes the night of the event. Walk around your house

to make sure the heels are comfortable.

Do: Pack a beauty kit of bobby pins, lipstick, mints, safety pins, deodorant

and doubled sided tape. You’ll be ready for any mishaps that might occur

with you or your friends.

Don’t: Forget to book everything in advance from your limo to your hair and

makeup appointment. Make sure to confirm the week before.

Do: Use a fine-tooth comb to gently tease your hair. It’ll last longer

throughout the night.

Don’t: Over-do it on makeup. you wanted to look like the best version of

yourself. Choose one feature to highlight and down-play the rest.

Do: Take a ton of photos and have as much fun as possible!

Don’t: Forget to enter our prom contest!