Prom Hair Trends

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Prom Hair with Savannah Lathem


1. Chic Side Bun: For the first hair style I chose a chic side bun. If you have layers or bangs, this look is perfect for you. I styled my layers in loose curls away from my face using a flat iron. All you have to do is twist your hair in a circular motion into a bun and secure it with a hair tie and a few bobby pins. It’s best to place the bobby pins in position where they are not seen. This is a conservative and sophisticated look yet classy for Prom.

2. Half Up Half Down For the fourth look I kept my hair wavy/curly and I pulled it half up half down. I got rid of my part but I still kept my bangs down. Feel free to add an accessorie or accessories in your hair with this look. For all of these looks all I used was a hair tie, bobby pins and hairspray. Make sure to use hair spray as a finishing touch so your hair stays secure throughout the night.

3. Mermaid Waves I created loose waves using a Wand Curling Iron that was two inches at the top and one inch at the bottom. Wrap your hair in a circular motion around the wand for 10 seconds (for loose curls) or longer (for tighter curls) and release. I chose to part my hair on the side for this look, but you can also part your hair in the middle for a Bohemian vibe.

4. Elegant Braid For this look, I parted my hair on the left side and started braiding using several strands and secured using bobby pins. I also took a little section of hair from the left side and braided all the way across to the other side of my head so it swept over my head to give it that final full braided touch. You can also use hair clips with embellishments to accent your hair style or beautiful flowers to enhance this style.

Savannah Lathem