Ready, Set, Drape!

Without draping, fashion, especially designer dress fashion, would be all too boring.  Can you imagine a straight-seams-only world without a pinch, a tuck, or a fold anywhere in sight?  Let’s thank our lucky stars that isn’t the fashion reality and, instead, celebrate draping in all its glory.
First up, this amazing gown by Jovani has sheer, black chiffon draped over luscious grey satin.  The flyaway overlay attaches to the necklace neckline and splits down the middle to show off the gorgeous fabric underneath.  A look like this is super dramatic.  Everywhere you go, your dress flutters about introducing your presence—thanks to those draped panels.  It’s also very feminine without being hip-hugging tight, so it’s comfortable, too.  
Draping is just as exciting up front as it is at the back of a dress.  This Tony Bowls evening gown has an exotic cowl drape at the back panel.  Cowl draping is common at the neckline, as in a cowl-neck sweater, but it really adds something chic because it’s a pleasant surprise and twist on the standard open back panel of many exotic evening gowns.  It hangs with a loose flutter, and the graceful folds scoop down to expose the delicate palate of your back.
Side drapes and sashes bring visual allure and add a little bit of volume to the hip curve.  Back drapes give you that floating, fairy grace as they billow out behind.  And front draping down the midline is elongating, so it can be really flattering if you want to look taller or more slender—and who doesn’t, right?
Finally, asymmetrical draping is what you want to explore when you want a truly unforgettable look.  Several draped panels artfully arranged and delicately tailored give a dress real standout style.  Like a beautiful painting or sculpture, the dress carries a sense of composition, each twist and fold amplifying and perfecting the look.  If you’re in need of a fashion refresh or you just want to explore new terrain, upgrade with an asymmetrically draped evening gown or cocktail dress.  Unique flair and couture glamour will put the wind right back into your sails!

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