Real Brides: Mariya Ivanova Karkar

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Real Brides: Mariya Ivanova Karkar

We love taking real NewYorkDress brides and featuring their special day.

These brides were excited to share their experience and reminisce about

the most magical moments of their wedding day. They searched high and

low for the perfect wedding dress and found it on our website. Say hello

to Mariya! She bought a gorgeous Janique gown for her wedding reception.

Here, she tells us about her husband and the romantic story that brought

them together.

Where did you meet?

We met through a mutual friend outside of the office. He is the CEO and

I was looking for a job. I interviewed for a new branch of the company.

We talked about fashion, Dubai and my level of expertise. I was fascinated

by his intelligence and we went out three months after closely working


How did he propose?

Three years after we met, he proposed on my birthday. Inspired by Salvador

Dali and his muse, Gala, the proposal was more a “declaration of love” than

a traditional “get down on one knee.”

How did you choose the right dress?

While I was in Canada, I started looking for wedding guest dresses and

my husband’s sister showed me your site. I was totally fascinated and spent

days looking through dresses. I discovered this dress for my own wedding

reception! It was totally unique and I knew it was mine as soon as I saw it.

Where did you get married?

We had an intimate ceremony in front of my husband’s family in Canada.

Our wedding reception was in Dubai with my side of the family and many

of our friends. The reception was held in a lounge that had an amazing

view of the tallest building in the world. Everything was handled by the

venue and it looked beautiful. We had a very relaxed celebration of food,

drinks and hubbly bubbly (hookah).

What is your favorite memory from the wedding?

My favorite moment was seeing all of our lovely family and friends. It

meant a lot for them to share our happiness and honor us with their

presence. The moment was priceless. I made sure to take photos and

spend time with each of our guests.

What advice would you give other brides on their big day?

No bridezillas! I would advise to keep things simple and enjoy every moment.

This is once in a lifetime and the fairy tale is possible on a budget.

Details: The bride wore Janique K6040.