Real Brides: Marnie Dufort

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Real Brides: Marnie Dufort

We love taking real NewYorkDress brides and featuring their special day.

These brides were excited to share their experience and reminisce about the

most magical moments of their wedding day. They searched high and low for

the perfect wedding dress and found it on our website. Say hello to Marnie!

She tells us about her husband Dee and the romantic story that brought

them together.

Where did you meet?

We were teenagers when Dee and I first met in Prescott, AZ. We met

through friends of friends.

How did he propose?

Dee popped the question after we spent the day hiking Squaw Peak in

Phoenix, AZ. It was early morning and there were hot air balloons

floating all around. It was a beautiful sight! My husband normally

doesn’t hike so he worked hard to get to that moment.

How did you choose the right dress?

I had two things on my mind: sexiness and affordability. I found both

those things in my dress from

Where did you get married?

We married in Las Vegas, Nevada!

What is your favorite memory from the wedding?

We did the traditional vows, as well as writing our own. The ceremony

was my favorite moment because it showed that Dee and I are really meant

to be. No one had a dry eye in the house, including the priestess! That’s

how everyone knew it was a special moment.

What advice would you give other brides on their big day?

Don’t fret about things that don’t matter after you’re married. A lot

of brides get so caught up in the details of the big day that they forget

what’s really important in that special moment.

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