Real Brides: Mona Charbel

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Real Brides: Mona Charbel

We love taking real NewYorkDress brides and featuring their special day.

These brides were excited to share their experience and reminisce about

the most magical moments of their wedding day. They searched high and low

for the perfect wedding dress and found it on our website. Say hello to Mona!

She tells us about her husband Charbel and the romantic story that brought

them together.

Where did you meet?

Our love was meant to be! For more than 2 years, we worked in the same

building, never crossing paths. The day we met, it was early morning. I

remember seeing a handsome man with green eyes walk into the elevator.

He smiled at me and our eyes met. I don’t usually speak to strangers, but

he started asking questions and I felt time stop. He was shocked that we

never met before.

How did he propose?

On our 2nd anniversary, we went to dinner and he started giving me hints.

I didn’t take him seriously at first, but he looked at me and said, “What

do you think? Why don’t we get engaged this summer and married next

year?” I was happy and shocked at the same time! “Really, you’re serious?”

I asked him. The next step was selecting the rings!

How did you choose the right dress?

For a lot of brides, choosing a wedding dress can be stressful, but I had

no doubt that the gorgeous dress of my dreams would be on your

website. I had amazing experience selecting my engagement dress, among

others. Despite looking at other designs, as soon as I saw this dress, I knew

it was the one. Princess style with a voluminous skirt, the Mori Lee design

had embossed optic details and large floral adornments. It was definitely the

best choice. It helped win your Dress & Tell contest and, to this day, I

still get compliments.

Where did you get married?

We got married in a sweet country church above sea level in Beirut- Lebanon.

The Gothic architecture was surrounded by gorgeous pine and oak trees. All we

needed to decorate was white orchids. It was the perfect place to get married!

Following the ceremony, we celebrated with family and friends at one of

Lebanon’s oldest restaurants. We arranged a setup of decorations, music and

gifts. It was an unforgettable party!

What is your favorite memory from the wedding?

My favorite moment was when our fathers walked me out. A marrital

tradition, it was an emotional moment as I felt ready to start my own family.

What advice would you give other brides on their big day?

Don’t stress yourself out preparing for your wedding. Enjoy each moment

from the beginning to the end because your big day only happens once!

Details: The bride wore Mori Lee 1601.