Real Brides: Shalani

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Real Brides: Shalani

We love taking real NewYorkDress brides and featuring their special day.

These brides were excited to share their experience and reminisce about

the most magical moments of their wedding day. They searched high and

low for the perfect wedding dress and found it on our website. Say hello

to Shalani! She tells us about her husband Dave and the romantic story

that brought them together.

Where did you meet?

In 2005, I met Dave in school. We were both in the same course. After eight

years of courtship, we decided to commit to each other. He was (and still is)

my best friend. We understand each other perfectly.

How did he propose?

It’s funny, but he never actually proposed, nor did I expect him to. I didn’t

need a big diamond ring, just the knowledge that we were meant to be.

How did you choose the right dress?

We come from different religious backgrounds and the color ‘white’ is

considered inauspicious in Dave’s culture. I had to forgo my dreams of a

white dress and browsing for the perfect, colorful gown was no easy task.

I looked at everything from evening-wear to prom dresses. Finally I saw this

beautiful gown on your site. I fell instantly in love with the shape of the

dress and the gorgeous color. I even choose a ‘purple theme’ after ordering

my dress. Once it arrived, I was happy to find that the fit was perfect!

Where did you get married?

In Asian countries, the bride follows the husband’s culture so I got married

in a very traditional fashion. Later we had an evening party with about 800

guests to witness our union. The main table was carved out of ice and the

walkway contained ice sculptures with our initials.

What is your favorite memory from the wedding?

My favorite moment was our entrance. Everyone expected us to walk down

the aisle, but we actually sang our way in! We sang the romantic song

“L.O.V.E” by Nat King Cole.


Details: The bride wore Party Time 6834PT in Purple.