Red Carpet Legs

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Red Carpet Legs

Ladies, we’ve all had ashy legs from time to time and we know it can put a dent on any leg framing outfit. Sometimes, slathering lotion won’t do the trick, so we did some research and found out Jessica Alba’s secret to making her legs shimmery and toned looking for the red carpet. Trust us, this routine is perfect to get your legs in tip top shape for Homecoming, Prom, weddings and other special events.


What You Need
Shea Butter
Brown Sugar
Coffee Grounds

-Put five tablespoons of shea butter, three tablespoons of brown sugar and 1 1/2 tablespoons of coffee grounds into a mixing bowl. Distribute the ingredients evenly and use this mixture as a scrub for your legs. Shea butter will moisturize your skin, while brown sugar acts as a natural and gentle exfoliant and coffee grounds help to tone your skin naturally.

Gently pat your legs after the shower, leaving them a little damp so that the shea butter works its magic. This is safe enough to use three times a week. If you have any unsightly bruising or varicose veins, dab on a small amount of heavy concealer to the area and setting it with translucent powder.

If you want to have a year-round glow to your legs, we like the idea of a sun tanning lotion that works gradually, rather than a spray or gel. Apply this lotion evenly to your legs, making sure to wash your hands afterwards to avoid streaking. If you want to add a healthy shimmer to your legs, we highly recommend Michael Kors Shimmer Stick. At only $10, it’s a steal!


Happy Strutting!