Red Hair, To Dye or Not to Dye?

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Red hair is hot right now.  There is Emma Stone, Christina Hendricks, Rihanna, and Marica Cross splashed all over the TV and magazines. Ashlee Simpson, Khole Kardsashian, and Hayden Panetierre had their hair dyed red for a while, too. And if you really think about it, the red hair popularity all kinda started when Lindsay Lohan came on to the scene with her hit “Mean Girls”—she had this gorgeous, full head of red hair. Don’t we all wish Lindsay would just go back to her natural color instead of alternating between blonde and dark brown? Didn’t she look amazing in her natural auburn locks?
Should you dye your hair red?
Well, if you’re fair skinned, the red hair color will be really flattering on you, especially if you have cool, pinkish, tones underneath and light colored eyes—the red hair will definitely bring them out. Just look at Anna Farris in the picture above for her new movie, “Take Me Home Tonight.” The red hair looks amazing on her. And, once again, just like Lindsay, the red hair seems to suit her better than the blonde. 
It’s also a great hue to go for if you’re an indoors girl, and if your hair doesn’t have to be washed too often, as red hair dye fades faster than other colors. In addition, if you love trips to the salon, then you wouldn’t mind coloring your hair this color. 
There are tons of red shades out there, from Strawberry Blonde to Reddish Browns. If you decide to color your hair, it’s always best to see a professional, who will recommend the best shade for you. Plus a professional hair colorist will make sure you get the red color you want; if you do it yourself at home you risk turning your hair orange or some other funky color, not the beautiful hue you were looking for.
Frocks for red locks
Think about how shiny, voluminous, red hair would look with these dresses on your big night or that special occasion you have coming up:  

Asymmetric Dress with Train by Sherri Hill (The model has red hair!) 
Remember to also ask you colorist to lighten or darken your brows so it matches your new hair, too.
Should you not dye your hair red? 
Dyeing your hair red may not be for you if you’re not high maintenance. Having red hair means constantly maintaining it. As I mentioned before, red hair fades really fast, and you will need a good shampoo and conditioner made for colored hair to keep your hair from going fabulous to blah. You will also need to revisit the salon at least every 6 weeks for root touchups and to refresh the color. 
If you have olive skin or yellow undertones, red hair will not be the most flattering hair color on you. Of course, you should always express your style, but if you’re looking for a hair color change that’s going to be really stunning, you should look to the brown and blonde spectrums. 
Can’t Decide What to Do?
You can always go to your hairstylist and ask for a subtle change—get some red highlights added to your hair. Just a thought!