Red Lip 101

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Red Lip 101

It’s undeniable-the red lip is a classic showstopper. It’s no wonder that bright lipstick sales, (including the fabulous tangerine tango and a bright coral red) are up. According to an article in Time, there was a 13 percent rise in lipstick saled in 2011. In short, women took to department stores, beauty stores and drug stores for lip color-totaling $290 million dollars in sales. Brands like J.Crew and Lush launched their own cosmetic lines this past year, proving there’s never been a better time to get all dolled up. However big your slice was in that cosmetic pie, they’re’s no denying the power of a bold colored lip-red, in particular. Here are some very famous femmes who’ve rocked red statement lips in 2012.

What’s your favorite shade and brand of red lipstick?

Scarlett Johansson




Camilla Belle


Jessica Chastain


A model at the Fall 2012 Marc by Marc Jacobs show


*Red Lip Tip: Apply a small amount of salve or balm to wet lips and work it in with your fingers. This will help get rid of any dry and flaky skin. Line your lips with lip liner the same color of your lipstick,( this will help your color from bleeding). Apply one coat of red lipstick, blot with a tissue paper and apply a small amount of translucent pressed powder to help set the color.