Red Wedding

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Red Wedding

Forget what you’ve been told: weddings don’t have to be an ‘all-white’ event. You can be ‘traditional’ and still incorporate color into your wedding. We’re loving the idea of a red themed wedding-with wines, corals and reds to pack a colorful punch. We know you may not want to go all out and deck yourself in an entirely red bridal gown, so we created a moodboard showcasing some clever and fashionable ways to make your vows wow in red. Don’t forget to follow us on Pinterest for more wedded bliss!

In these nuptials
1.. Bari Jay 548, ($200)

2.Colorifics RAVE, ($89)

3. Allure 8912, (price upon request)

4.Jason FE17296A, ($29)

5. Boutique 92300, ($30)

6.Sherri Hill 2417, ($378)