Regal and Medieval

We heart a good fantasy, so let’s revel in the romance that existed back in the day. There were Kings aka Lords, responsible for ruling the throne, and Knights trotting about to keep it safe. The Pages were next in line, ready to succeed while the peasants kept it all in order. The woman, however, had the toughest job of the lot. They were there to be beautiful, and effortless it was not! With cloaks and petticoats and corsets galore, there was little time left for lunching and lulling about the castle.
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Alexander McQueen harked back to this period, expressing a true romanticism of medieval times. While his last collection for Fall 2010 was medieval to the core, the current exhibit, Savage Beauty at the Metropolitan Museum, provides a breathtaking refuge into his world of intricate details and lavish trims—it’s a land of supreme elegance.
Fantasy dressing is no stranger to the big screen. With Camelot and Game of Thrones showcasing silk, velvet and rich brocades, the show stopping quality of the costumes is impossible to ignore. Though we can’t claim roles on these fantasy series, we can guarantee that dressing for the part has pared down in the button department. It couldn’t be easier to don a gallant dress. And since we know a good look when we spot it—we’re getting medieval now.
The key component of any medieval dress is it’s femininity. There’s no hiding here, ladies. Cleavage plays a major role so get your double stick tape out! Try this majestic gown for a charity ball or industry gala, and you’ll have full reign for the night.
Embellishments are also a big part of the look. Embroidery, beads andaccents adorn a woman’s dress from head to toe. We love the drama of this MNM Couture gown for a night at the opera. Slip it on, and hear the sopranos sing their courtly tune.
Romance is also the name of the game in medieval dresses. If it’s long and flowy, it’ll probably be right. For your next black tie wedding, beautify yourself in this gorgeous number by Terani, and let the magic take you away.