Relaxation 101

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DIY Bridal Spa

Has planning for your wedding gotten the better of you? Whether you’re months or days away from reciting your vows, weddings can be stressful at any stage. If you’re like most brides, you have anywhere from a handful of close friends and family to an army of people telling you what to wear, eat and which magazines to look at in preparation for your big day. It’s time for you to step away from your list of things to do-turn that cell phone on silent and take a bath. Taking the time to find your center again is essential and we found a decadent way to pamper yourself via the milk and lavender bath. Tell us, how else are you going to get glowing skin for your big day?

Directions: Fill up your tub three quarters of the way with hot water, (adjust the temperature according to your liking). Add an entire gallon of milk to the mix. Add 10 drops of all natural lavender oil and let it steep for about five minutes before you immerse yourself in the water. If you want to add a hint more of serenity to your bath, toss in two bags of chamomile tea and let them steep. Breathe in and let the stress melt away!