Rosemary Oil

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Rosemary 101

It’s virtually impossible to walk down the beauty aisle at your local beauty store without seeing a section full of essential oils. While the entire concept may be a little overwhelming and quite confusing, trust that essential oils have been around for centuries because of their healing benefits. One oil we’re especially fond of is rosemary oil. This fragrant herb, which is great for cooking, works wonders to treat fatigue, water retention, migraines, vertigo, hair thickening and regrowth, joint pain, muscle pain, and digestive problems. Buy 100% rosemary oil and if you’re using it for cosmetic purposes, apply with a cotton swab. Dab a small amount onto your lashes, making sure you avoid getting any in your eye. If you want to use it on your hair, apply 3 drops onto a small dollop of conditioner and work it through your hair, making sure to apply to all the areas of your hair that are the weakest.

Use this treatment once every week. You’ll be batting your eyelashes and flipping your hair before you know it!

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