Saturday Do: Something That Scares You

Saturday Do: Do Something That Scares You

Saturday Do: You dream and you dream but when the moment comes to actually “doing,” you become scared; tip-toeing back into your zone of comfort. This Saturday’s Do is a bit different. Do something that scares you.

Try a new food

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Perhaps you’ve always wanted to live in a new city, planning it down to the spots you’ll frequent in that new city. Maybe you’ve always wanted to immerse yourself in a new hobby or maybe you’ve been (im)patiently waiting and hoping for love to come your way. It’s time to take a leap for yourself. When that moment arrives, a physical and emotional elevation occurs and all of a sudden you can’t breathe.

Write a letter to a ‘long lost’ someone

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So move to that new city, publish that book, write that letter, try a new food. On a regular basis, do the things that scare you. On the other side of that scary moment, you’ll find a fulfilling life.

Make that move

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