Saturday Do: Youthquake at FIT

Saturday Do: ‘Youthquake’ at FIT

In big cities like New York, the weekends are absolutely priceless. They are, without a doubt, a time of recuperation, brunch hopping, errand running, shopping, cleaning and the careless schlepping around town. So it’s was a no brainer that we’d start a ‘Saturday Do’ series, letting you know what you should and could do in the city, if you are so inclined and have a spare half hour or so. Time is gold and we’ve picked things we want to check out ourselves to share with you.

This week’s pick: ‘Youthquake’ exhibition at FIT. The exhibition celebrates 60s Mod and chronicles the impact of the youth culture during the 1960s, highlighting Twiggy and the hippie movement. This Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., is the last day to peep the fashion exhibit, curated by FIT students, so don’t miss out!

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