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There are so many great things happening just around the corner like Homecoming, Halloween events, Thanksgiving and Christmas! New York Dress and I selected several beautiful dresses to discuss trendy, fashionable examples of nail polish styles and nail art designs for teens that give that daring, spectacular, stunning look for any occasion.

You can have fun at home using different nail polishes and nail art to create one of a kind manicures that bring out the glamour in your New York Dress. Are you ready? Lets get started!

This glowing, white Jovani 5406, ($340) is mesmerizing! I chose two different nail polish choices for this look. The first one I used was OPI Alpine Snow coat (white) applied evenly on nails except the ring finger. For the ring finger I chose to use OPI Gone Gonzo which has a baby blue color mix with glitter . I wanted to keep the look stunning. For the second choice I used two coats of Gone Gonzo (baby blue color mix with glitter) on all of my fingers nails. I feel like this look adds a pop of color giving the Jovani 5406 a totally daring, edgy look.