Savannah Lathem’s DIY Floral Crown Tutorial

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Savannah Lathem’s DIY Floral

Crown Tutorial

The items you will need to make your DIY Floral Crown:

1/2 inch elastic band (the length of band should wrap around your head)

Flowers (real or artificial)

Hot glue gun

Glue sticks


  There are 5 easy steps to making a DIY Floral Crown.. are you ready girls? Load

your glue guns and let’s get started!!


  Step 1

Measure the elastic band around the circumference of your head. You will want

a a comfortable fit around you forehead leaving a little bit of extra length

so it’s not too tight (1/2 inch or less). Remember the elastic band should fit

comfortably without sliding or cutting off your circulation.


Step 2

Use scissors to cut the elastic band

Step 3

Place the elastic band on your head and adjust to get the correct placement and

fit. Take the band off and glue the two ends of the elastic together. Make sure

you get about half an inch of glue on both ends of the elastic so it is sealed

tightly. Then place the band on a level surface and allow to dry.

Step 4

Start the placement of your flowers by using your glue gun to secure each flower

to the elastic band. In this particular tutorial, we used artificial flowers

that were initially attached to stems. My friends Cassidy, Kiki and I each cut

our flowers between the base of the the flower and the top of the stem. We then

glued the bottoms of the flowers to the elastic bands. We continued placing the

flowers on the elastic band until the flowers were placed all the way around in

an orderly fashion. Whether orderly or random, the design is up to you!

Step 5

Once you’re done gluing the flowers, just wait for the glue to dry and bam, 

you’re done! All you have to do is place your floral crown on the top of your

head. Place it above your forehead or wear it around your head for an easy,

Boho chic look. Personally, I like wearing mine both ways!

Here are a few extra floral crown tips:

-It gets a little messy, doesn’t it? Haha! I got some glue stuck on my fingers, 

but no worries…it easily comes off just by washing your hands. 

-You can purchase all the supplies you need items at your local craft store

or any major stores with an Arts and Craft department. My friends and I went

to the Walmart Shopping Center Crafts Department and chose an array of flowers

so we would have different color schemes for each crown.

-Floral crowns can be used for any occasion! Whether you choose to use

artificial or fresh flowers is totally up to you. A lot of people choose fresh

flowers for evening events and artificial flowers for events that last more

than a few hours. This is so the flowers do not wilt over time. My friends and

I chose artificial flowers because we want to be able to wear them now and to

special occasions in the future. We love that our DIY floral crowns will last

as long as the great memories we had designing them!

We hope you give it a try and have just as much fun as we did creating these



Savannah Lathem