Savannah’s Day To Night Tutorial!

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Savannah’s Day To Night Look!

Hi ladies,

My friend and I have put together a few fabulous looks for you! These tutorials

are perfect for looking cute and casual during the day or sharp and edgy at night.

They will help you achieve the perfect day-to-night look!

Daytime Look 1

You want to look amazing, yet natural during the day.

1. Start by applying BB Cream, or your favorite foundation. I chose to use a BB

Cream from Smashbox. I find that it gives great coverage; plus it’s also a primer

and moisturizer in one!

2. Next, apply concealer underneath your eyes to cover any circles, darkness or

puffiness you may find.

3. Then apply a radiant looking blush to your cheeks. I used Dainty from MAC. This

blush is a beautiful, soft pink color and contains shimmer to create a beautiful


4. You can then use a highlighter to contour. Apply the highlighter down the bridge

of your nose, on your cheek bones and on your cupids bow, which is the area

right above your lip. I used Soft and Gentle by MAC.

Now for the eyes!

5. Sweep a neutral color across your eyelids. I swept Sin by Urban Decay, which

is part of a Naked Palette set. Sin is a bright champagne color and can work

as a daytime shadow to create a bright, vibrant look.

6. After applying a neutral, yet shimmery shadow, you can use brown gel eye

liner to line your eyes. I used Bobbi Brown, but any brown gel liner will work.

7. Next, apply the color Buck beneath your bottom lashes and apply the color

Virgin beneath your eyebrows as a brow bone highlighter.

8. After you’re done with eye shadow, apply mascara onto your lashes. I used

L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara because I love the finished, elongated look it creates.

9. Lastly, I applied a light layer of Revlon’s Berry Rose to my lips.

Daytime Look 2

Once I was done with my own makeup, I created my friend’s daytime look! It

was similar to my own look, but with a few small changes.

1. First, I applied Half Baked on her eyelid, outer tear duct area and underneath

her bottom lashes.

2. Then I applied NARS Gold Digger on top of that for a soft, pink look.

3. Last, I applied the brown gel eyeliner and, of course, L’Oreal Telescopic

Mascara. Doesn’t she look gorgeous? 

Nighttime Look

The sun has gone down and the moon has come out! Now it’s time for nighttime

makeup, which you can achieve with these simple steps:

1. I applied the color Toasted from Urban Decay’s Naked Palette and blended it

with Hustle for a slightly darker color. I used the eyeshadow brush to apply in a

windshield-wiper motion.

2. Next I applied a mixture of Buck and Dark Horse underneath my bottom lashes.

3. Then I blended Snakebite and Busted from another Naked Palette, also using

a windshield-wiper motion to created the effect.

4. After that, I used a coat of black gel eye liner (on top of the brown) to create

a darker nighttime look!

5. To finish my smokey eye, I used Busted on my lower lash line.

6. For lips, we both chose Revlon’s Berry Rose for a darker pink look.

I hope these tips are helpful and make your next night out a total blast!


Savannah Lathem