Get Sentimental!

Sentimental is a bold brand we’re featuring this season. Their dresses are a fabulous mix of sweet and sexy, with a heavy focus on lace—think delicate meets ooh la la. Lace evokes that feminine feel we all want for a special occasion and is a smart pick for fall or spring formal events. Sentimental’s lace dresses are also great if you’re the birthday girl who wants to celebrate her special day in look that’s classic and refined. (view: Senitmental 866)

What we love about lace is that it can be modern or stay traditional. It’s all in how you wear it! You don’t want to go overboard since you want the lace to be the focal point of your look. But that doesn’t mean you don’t get to play with accessories, hair and makeup. It’s about the entire look, so before you start picking out what to wear with your Sentimental dress, choose if you want to go mega trendy with the look or keep it chic and classic. Today we’re focused on modern and trendy, but stay tuned for tips on how to make the same dress fit for a posh occasion.

Modern & Trendy Style Tips for a Lace Dress (view: Sentimental: 8840)

– Add chain accessories such as a chain necklace or shoes with chain detail. The hardware should coordinate with the color of your dress. If your dress is off-white, gold or antiqued brass, hardware works best. If the dress is black, go for silver or gunmetal.

– Add ankle booties to give the look an edgy appeal. Platform ankle booties work best if you’ll be on the dance floor. Shoes with an architectural slant also create a trendy look when worn with a lace dress.

– Rock undone hair. A messy low bun or loose waves make a lace dress modern and cool. You don’t want the hair to be too done if you’re going for a trendy look. A fishtail braid also looks great for a hip hairstyle that keeps your pulled back.

– Go for a bold lip. How about a bright orange or neon pink? Finishing touches like this will make your lacy look stand out. (view: Sentimental 860)