Silver Wedding

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Silver Themed Wedding

First comes the ring, then comes the vows-at least, that’s what we’d like to think. While wedding bells may be merrily ringing in your head, we realize that choosing a wedding theme and executing it can be quite stressful. Take a peek at our daily updates on our Pinterest for wedding inspiration and ideas. Find out how one dress can inspire an entire wedding. Today, we’re in love with sterling silver vows-no need to polish up on your skills doll-we’ve picked some of our favorite silver flecked dresses and accessories to make your vows stand out.


Shop The Vows
1. Allure 8683, (price on request)

2. Boutique OB7026, ($189)

3. Jovani Mother of the Bride 17997 ($750)

4. Sophie 21998E, ($29)

5. SOPHIE 30494, ($25)

6. Wtoo 372, ($198)

7. Boutique 100427, ($89)

8. Colorifics Broadway, ($65)

9. Purple Collection 73219, ($265)

10. Jason CZ100, ($69)

11. DST B1126, ($39)