Soft and Sweet Side Braids

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Soft and Sweet Side Braid

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Seasons come and go, hair is cut and hair is grown. No matter what color or texture your hair is, one look we always love coming back to is the side braid. Popular for its simplicity and femininity ,the side braid can take you from morning to night. If you’re starting from scratch, the key is to get the right texture before you start braiding. If you have fine or medium textured hair, use a texture spray to add body, not frizz. Make sure to keep a loose part; your braid should look a bit unkempt in a side-swept motion. If you want more body in your braid, curl your hair first, as this will add some bulk to your braid. Afterwards, rough it up a bit and add a dime size of grooming cream. Your hair should already be swept to one side, so merely braid it as you see fit and secure it with a clear elastic hair tie. And there you have it: a fuss-free hairstyle, inspired by the runways and red carpet, that’s as easy as can be.

Photos of Rashida Jones, Poppy Delevingne, Joan Smalls, Beyonce, and Lea Seydoux, courtesy of Getty.

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