Special Events Makeup Tutorial with MissLaur

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Special Events Makeup Tutorial with


You may remember a few months ago we collaborated with the fabulous blogger

MissLaur, who created some amazing posts for our blog. Well now she’s back with this

awesome video, where she gives us tips on everything you’ll need for an upcoming

special event. We are super proud to work with MissLaur and look forward to many

more great collabs in the future.

I’m SO excited for this video! I was given the opportunity to work with

www.NewYorkDress.com on their blog and I decided to create a video detailing my

Special Events: MAKEUP, ESSENTIALS, AND OUTFITS! It’s a bit of long one BUT I

hope you guys enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it! I LOVE New York Dress and I

know you guys will too! – MissLaur

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