Stain 101

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Stain Removal 101

Try as hard as one may, stains are a fact of life. A nuisance yes, but a fact of life, nonetheless. We know the routine; you wipe your hands clean of any makeup before slipping into your dress, ask someone to zip you up and fasten you in all in an effort not to stain our dresses. What to do when the first drop of wine and crumb of deodorant go astray? Before you start to pout, take our advice.


First of all, know that you can really just treat it like any other stain and simply pop in the wash. You’ll need Stain Rx, water and a hair dryer. You will need to wet the fabric and stain, and apply Stain Rx onto the stain. Work it in with your fingers to make sure it penetrates the fabric. Afterwards, rinse with cool water. This should help remove a majority of the stain. In order to avoid stain rings, it’s important to dry the area with a hair dryer. Make sure to use low heat settings until it is thoroughly dry. If the stain persists, consult a dry cleaner.

Makeup Stains


If you happened to smear your dress with concealer, liquid eyeliner, lipliner and or makeup, moisten the area with warm water and rub some liquid detergent into the stain. If it’s concentrated, make sure to dilute the solution with water. Reminder: Doing this will only pretreat the stain and avoid it from further settling in.

Deodorant Stains:


These pesky stains can really put a damper in anyone’s day. If the deodorant stain is an old one, simply wet the stain with cold water and sprinkle salt over it. Let it sit for 3 hours. The longer you leave the salt, the more effective it is at removing the stain. After 3 hours, wet the surface again and add salt and scrub the salt in.
If it’s a fresh deodorant stain, an old pair of pantyhose should do the trick. Simply roll the hose into a ball and roll over the deodorant stain until it disappears.