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Stain Be Gone

Makeup stains are a fact of life. While your makeup may look amazing on your skin-we know the feeling when a smudge occurs. You suddenly start to mourn your beautiful piece of clothing because you don’t think you’ll ever manage to remove the stain. Think again.


Lipstick: If your lipstick’s gotten all over your clothes, don’t pout. Instead, spritz your kiss imprint with hair spray and let sit for 10 minutes. Gently dab with a sponge and throw in the wash. If your clothing is dry-clean only, try using a piece of tape to transfer the stain away. You can also use baby powder, chalk, or baking soda to remove oil- and wax-based lipsticks.

Eyeliner: Did someone leave a note on your mirror in eyeliner? (Believe us, it does happen). Apply salt to remove the marks before using standard cleaner (this trick also works for lipstick stains on wine glasses).

Waterproof mascara: For long-lasting makeup formulations, try blotting the stain with makeup remover.

Foundation: This one is our least favorite stain! Pretreat powder and liquid-foundation spills with shaving cream or shampoo. Both of these toiletries have cleaning agents that should break through the stain before you wash.

Self-tanner: To reverse self-tanner stains left on sheets or clothing, first rinse the affected area under cold water. Use a sponge and dish detergent, working on the spot from the outside in, to cut the oil in the tanning formula. Peroxide works to remove the orange tones from the fabric (but make sure to spot-check first to ensure the fabric’s color won’t lift).