Style Icon: Kate Moss

Kate Moss is the cool girl with the care not attitude. If we could hand out grades based on stylish aptitude, she gets an E—Exudes. Exceptional. Effortlessness. As the face that never goes out of style, according to Time Magazine, Kate continues to intrigue with the blink of a smoky kohl eye.
Kate Moss wedding dress
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Making her debut on the runway with glamazons Cindy Crawford and Linda Evangelista, the 5’7’’ waif quickly found her strut, and surpassed the lifespan of the average supermodel. From cover girl to artist muse to designer to boho bride, the allure of Kate requires more than a pretty face. Her personal style has garnered more attention than any magazine could hope to achieve. She’s a trendsetter while ignoring all the latest trends. Let’s take a peek at some of the elements that make up Kate’s signature style.
Leather and lace: Kate brings an edge to every outfit. Sometimes in the obvious ways such as skin tight leather pants or a shaggy fur. Other times it’s unexpected such as when she took scissors to her Lanvin gown creating a shredded cloud of couture. Either way it’s undeniably cool. Dress like Kate tip: wear a downtown leather jacket over a full-length gown, add ankle boots and bed head hair. Get ready to rock and roll!
Vintage flair: Kate has a sixth sense for discovering vintage gems. When she was a teenager she’d scour the London flea markets for top notch quality and unreplicable silhouettes. She’s shared her knowledge as designer for both Topshop and Longchamp by incorporating those vintage treasures from her closet. Dress like Kate tip: buy a second hand blazer then pair with a printed mini and tights. Finders, keepers!
Bohemian rhapsody: The wedding of Kate Moss and Jamie Hince captured the free-flowing theme perfectly—see for yourself in the September issue of Vogue. In the cover story the bride confesses to a soft spot for the British television documentary series Big Fat Gypsy Weddings which sealed the deal for the supermodel / rocker marriage. The dress was exactly as it should’ve been—vintage inspired, slim fitting with sequins and delicate sheer paneling. Dress like Kate tip:  slip into a billowy bloused mini, layer pendant necklaces, a floppy hat and over-the-knee boots. It’s all in the romantic details.
Eclectic mélange: Ultimately, it’s how Kate blends all of the above that makes her a true style icon. Her look is effortless! She has said that she doesn’t think in terms of outfits, but rather throws together what feels right for the night. Dress like Kate tip: wear what you love, what works well on your body, and let the cool girl attitude shine through.