Summer Do Side swept French Braid

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Summer Do: Side French Braid

We’ve all noticed the reoccurrence of braids on the streets and runways and one braid we’re boiling over with excitement to try is the side swept French braid. The beautifully relaxed and soft braid slightly drapes and is the epitome of effortless summer chic.

To get the look:
Part damp hair on the right side. Next, take about a two-inch chunk of hair from the front of the right hairline, and begin a French braid. To start a French braid, section this portion of hair into three even strands, keeping them separated with your fingers (whichever ones feel most comfortable to you). Now, start a normal braid; take the right strand and cross it over the middle strand. Next, take the left strand and cross it over the middle strand.

Once you have this small foundation braid, begin adding more hair with each crossover. To do this, gather a small bit of hair from the hairline, add it to the rightmost strand, and then cross it over the middle strand. Pull it tight, but keep the strands separated at all times. Repeat on the other side by gathering a small bit of hair closest to the side part (away from the hairline), adding it to the leftmost strand, and then crossing it over the middle strand.

Continue this braiding pattern until you are about one inch away from the right neckline. At this point, start to braid horizontally across to the left neckline.

Try to gather all the hair into the French braid by the time you hit the bottom of the left ear. Once all the hair is incorporated, finish braiding traditionally. Secure with an elastic band. Let the tail hang low or pin up for an updo. Spray lightly with a hairspray to prevent flyaways.

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