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Summer brings about warmer weather and the sun kissed glow and unfortunately, paining of the feet. For thousands of women in the city, the everyday hustle and bustle can cause damaging effects on the feet by widening them. ‘Summer spread’ refers to the widening, flattening and collapse of feet when they are not bound and closed in. So while we’re stocking up on stylish gladiator and t-strap sandals, we aren’t realizing that our favorite warm-weather sandals are not providing any support at all. When you walk on the wrong type of shoe, you place the body in an abnormal walking position that can cause long-term medical issues, including toe, knee, hip and back problems.

1. Tighten up and give your shoe the balance it needs by wearing closed toe shoes, (i.e. sneakers, booties)

2. Choose a sandal or shoe that has a natural arch. A wedge or a small heel is better than a flat heel because they put too much pressure on the Achilles tendon.

3. While at home, whether you’re relaxing, watching TV or reading a book, put on some of the highest heels or boots you’ll wearing in the winter.

4. Beware of shoe ‘no-nos’: Shoes such as flip flops, UGG boots or ballet shoes that fold easily are damaging to your feet because they don’t support your foot’s natural arch. If you do wear these shoes, make sure to limit their use.

5.Soothe tired heels with arnica, peppermint and cayenne pepper. Usually, the smellier the rub, the better it is for your feet. After washing your heels and soaking them, rub some on your feet and elevate them for 15 minutes.

6. Drink more water. If we walked on our hands, our hands would be swollen. Excessive salt intake and a lack of water can cause our feet to swell more often. So drink up and elevate your feet whenever you get a chance.

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