The Big Statement & How It’s Done

Finally! The weather sings to the tune of Spring. Off come the layers—let’s bask in the sun and let the warm season shine through our style. Remember Carrie Bradshaw when she blossomed into Spring with a big ole flower pin? Who knew that would set the tone for accessories in 1998?  Now the “it” pieces are bags, scarves, shoes, sunglasses, and of course jewelry. They sit front and center as fashion statements- bringing all eyes to a single item.
Carrie Bradshaw statement piece
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Any thing can become a statement piece as long as it completes the task of elevating an entire look. Think LBD with drop-dead gorgeous earrings, or simple tee with punchy scarf. There are so many reasons to bring on a statement piece. Let’s strip down to the basics, and show you how to style yourself with a star accessory.
When shopping for your next statement piece make sure you’re current with the trends. In other words, don’t let the focal point of your outfit look or feel dated. The good news is that accessories can be an inexpensive way to update your look. The better news is they can also become a timeless classic, an investment piece that becomes the gift that keeps giving. For this spring, choose bright colors, bold prints, and 70s styling. Animal prints and gemstone necklaces are huge now, but will always have a place in our wardrobes. Feel free to open your wallet on these nuggets.
When planning your ensemble, you’ll want to revolve the whole look around your statement piece. Keep the rest of the outfit understated as not to compete. You can have more than one bold piece, but know that it is possible to have too much of a good thing—don’t over accessorize. Try a neutral sweater set then add pizzazz with a chunky necklace. 
Sometimes a favorite item is brought out on a regular basis—worn with love and devotion. This is a statement piece at its best, and may become somewhat of a declaration on personal style. Lets face it, there are certain accessories we rely on because they always make us look amazing. Celebrities go nowhere without their sunglasses. According to Nicole Richie they’re the one item she can’t live without. Since she makes them for her brand House of Harlow, she “research-shops” every style that’s out there- resulting in a collection of hundreds. She’s become quite known for her oversized sunnies adorning that tiny face. What’s your go-to accessory that gets you noticed? Own it and wear with confidence. Your signature statement?  Try bold, beautiful and fabulous!