The History of Prom

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The History of Prom

Designer Faviana had a fabulous post on their website describing the history

of prom. Prom is one of those milestones in life that we hold near and dear

to our heart. Finding the perfect prom dress is our business so we found it

interesting to discover the history behind this teenage tradition. Here are

some facts gleaned from the article!

-The word ‘prom’ is short for ‘promenade’ which usually applies to a formal

gathering of guests.

-The first reference to prom started in a journal from Smith College, 1894.

The student used the word to describe a senior-class dance.

-Starting in the 19th century, American Universities used prom to celebrate

a graduating class.

-By the 1940’s, teenagers grew hip to this fun dance event and, by the 1950’s,

a post-war economy allowed for decorative school dances in high school!

-By the 1980’s, the idea of prom took on a life of its own with teen movies

and advertisers. Prom “king and queen” became an important part of social


-Prominent prom movies include Grease, Never Been Kissed, She’s All That,

Mean Girls, Pretty in Pink and 10 Things I Hate About You. Can you pick a


Post holiday season, our attention turns towards prom and we cant wait!

There are so many dresses you can add to your wishlist. Here are a few

favorites below!