The Story of Prom

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The Story of Prom Dresses

Ever wonder how the idea of prom came to be?

The word ‘prom’ is derived from the term ‘promenade,’ which was defined by

“the presentation and display of guests at the beginning of a formal event.”

The word appeared in yearbooks around the 1930’s, but it’s believed that

young, co-ed banquets happened as early as the 1800’s. Although today’s

culture emphasizes that special night, it wasn’t nearly as important back

then. Inspired by debutante balls, girls usually wore their “Sunday best”

and rarely bought something new. The event was called a “tea dance” and,

during the Great Depression, attendance lowered and casual attire was worn.

The 1950’s led to a boom in the economy and a boom in the sale of prom

dresses. It was that time that the dance really took off. Girls started

shopping for special outfits and schools hosted in larger venues. The idea

of prom became even more elaborate in the 1980’s with an emphasis on

the “most important night” in a teen’s life.

Although spending can still get extravagant, today’s idea of prom varies

from teen to teen. The media features a variety of styles and a variety

of ways to celebrate. The most important thing is to feel fabulous, no

matter what you wear; and to have fun with your friends!

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