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Foods Your Hair Will Love

If there’s one thing we get to talking about every day in our offices, it’s hair. The texture, color, length, smell, shine and overall health of it. While there’s been plenty of buzz and chatter over what avocado oil will do for your scalp or how much mayonnaise to put into a hair mask, we’re going back to square one. We set out to find the best foods for our mane and were quite surprised. Who knew the road to healthy hair would be so delicious?
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1. Fish is rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids which keep hair rich and healthy, 2.Eggs are rich in protein that fortify your hair, 3. Leafy Greens have Vitamin A & C that produce sebum which conditions your hair, 4. Berries help keep your hair’s elasticity strong, 5. Beans or lentils are packed with protein and biotin and promote hair growth, 6.Vegetable Oil a little teaspoon a day helps restore your hair’s natural shine and moisture, 7. Potatoes are rich in Vitamin A and B which help prevent dandruff.