Top Ten Facts About New York City

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Top Ten Facts About New York City

We recently came across an article on travel site Choose Directions. It

was filled with a variety of facts on our glorious city. We picked our top

ten to share with you blog readers. The facts piece together an interesting

tale of life in NYC. Like any city, it has its ups and downs, but New York is

the most exciting place in the world. From food to fashion, there’s nowhere

else like it. Are any of these tidbits new to you? We certainly discovered a

few things. Turn to the facts below!

1. New York City was the nation’s capital from 1789 until 1790. Who knew?!

2. According to the 2000 census, 8.008.267 people live in New York.

3. The average real estate price in Manhattan is 1.49 million dollars.

4. New Yorkers travel to work an average of 40 minutes each day.

5. On average, 4.9 million people use the tube daily in New York.

6. Taxis are yellow, because John Hertz, founder of Yellow Cab Company, 

thought that the yellow color was especially striking.

7. Every year around 45 million domestic and foreign tourists visit New

York. They cumulatively spend around 25 billion dollars.

8. More than 47% residents of New York speak a second language.

9. More than 250 movies per year are filmed on the streets of New York.

10. Most historians agree that the nickname “The Big Apple” derives from

the author that reported on horse racings in the 1920s and was a

correspondent for the New York Morning Telegraph.

There you go, a short history lesson on the place we call home.