Travel Must Haves!

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Travel Must Haves!

We’re ready to go on a road trip! Traveling is key to a fabulous summer so we

looked up some travel must-haves that are essential for an awesome trip.

Here is our list along with some travel inspiration below.

Road Trip:

1. A catchy mix makes the long roads much more bearable.

2. Snacks are important, but try to go healthy with nuts and fruit.

3. An extra phone battery could prove life-saving in an emergency.

4. Wear comfortably cute shoes that you can drive in or take off in the car.

5. Make sure to stay hydrated with plenty of on-the-go liquids

Plane Ride:

1. An good magazine goes a long way.

2. Moisturizer is a must.

3. An eye mask can help you fall into a deep, restful sleep.

4. Good headphones can also help you relax.

5. A scarf, shawl or sweater helps if the plane is chilly.

Most importantly, don’t forget your camera to document all your new adventures!