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Winter Makeup Trends

With Winter well under way, we thought the timing was perfect to update our wonderful fashionistas on what makeup trends are in. Colder weather is a perfect time to experiment with bolder colors. Point in case-the aubergine lip and smoldering cocoa eyes. We’ve narrowed down the famous leading ladies who’ve done right by these looks.

The Aubergine-Berrylicious Lip

Before you start shaking your head at this one, hear us out. There is no one shade of aubergine lipstick that works for every woman-you have to find the shade that’s perfect for you. This means you don’t have to look like Elvira with this trend.


Smoldering Eyes:

Turn up the drama with smoldering cocoa brown eyes. If you want to retire the liquid eyeliner for a while, this look is perfect. Incorporate warm matte browns, taupes and golds into your palette. Blend the colors evenly so the colors don’t look like they’re just overlapping each other.