Trendy Bridesmaid Hairstyles

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A bridesmaid’s hairstyle  shouldn’t be too complicated. It is the bride’s day, after all! But, when you’re stuck trying to think of how your favorite girls should wear their hair as they stand up there with you, we’re here to help. 
Think simple, and think of the dresses they’re wearing.  A shorter bridesmaid dress would look great with a low side ponytail with curls, while adding a rhinestone clip or flower to cover the hair tie. This hairstyle is not only elegant, but fun. 
Another good hairstyle would be a low messy bun in the back of the head, such as the one Miley Cyrus has above.  You can even pair it with a matching headband. If the dress is long, a messy updo would look gorgeous and fun (the whole messy look is very “in” right now). As the model shows here, her hair is not only elegant, but definitely adds a little something to something so clean and kept. It’s very chic and very modern, and is sure to be a bridesmaid crowd pleaser hair style—none of the girls should disagree with wearing their hair like this on the day of your wedding. 
You don’t always have to follow trends, though. If you’re looking to keep your bridesmaid hairstyles more on the classic, elegant side, then definitely do a half up-do, half down-do  with curls.  This hairstyle never seems to fade and is very traditional. Plus, this is also a great hairstyle if you plan on wearing your hair up in a beautiful up-do. This way, you stand out from the bridal party, and it may be worth considering how you want to wear your hair first if you’re really looking to be different from the other girls in the wedding. 
On the flip side, if you decide you want your hair to be down, and theirs to be up in a classy, elegant way, try a French twist with some fancy pins stuck into it. 
Choosing your bridesmaid hairstyles doesn’t have to be difficult. Remember that it’s your wedding, and the choice is 100% yours!