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Mother of the Bride

Out with the frumpy Mother of the bride of yesteryear and in with the fresh and stylish Mother of the Bride of today. A Mother of the Bride should be just as stylish as her daughter-her dress should be true to her own style, flattering, bold, classic and absolutely breathtaking. Our wide arrangement of Mother of the Bride dresses ensure that you’ll find the styles you’ve been dreaming of. Our endless colors, fabrics, embellishments and styles will make you feel as if your Mother of the Bride dress has been custom made.


In this photo: 1. Jovani Mother of the Bride 17997, ($750) 2. Tarik Ediz 92029, ($726) 3. Jason J70, ($65) 4. Jason FE16281, ($35) 5. Saugus Special Occasions ADRIANNA, ($76) 6. Boutique A4957, ($65) and 7. Kathy Hilton H24021, ($650)