Velvet Nails

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DIY: Velvet Nails

As if the manicure craze hasn’t showered us with enough creative ideas-here’s a truly unique DIY. With velvet as one of this fall’s hottest trends, it’s not just for your wardrobe anymore. It’s safe to say that this velvet inspired manicure will transition perfectly into your fall looks. What’s the best part of this fuzzy mani? You can get the look for about $7 at home. Your welcome!

You’ll Need
colored flocking powder, (about $3 at a craft store)
a nail polish of your choice

Apply one coat of nail polish to each finger. Allow it to dry and apply a second coat of nail polish, wait a couple of seconds and sprinkle a little bit of flocking powder over your entire nail, making sure to press down so it sticks. It’s best to do one nail at a time.

Repeat this on each nail until both your hands are done. Allow your nails to dry for about 15 minutes!