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Diana Vreeland


Call it perfect timing or perhaps a calling from one of the fashion world’s biggest influences-whatever you do, don’t peg Diana Vreeland’s The Eye Has To Travel, as just another documentary film. Vreeland’s life is a cause for celebration in this fashionable documentary, which features commentary from well known fashion designers, critics, writers and past interviews of Vreeland, herself. Having worked as a a former columnist and editor who worked with Vogue, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Harper’s Bazaar, Vreeland was best known for her impeccable sense of stylish direction and for finding beauty in unorthodox subjects. The Eye Has To Travel will be premiere at the MoMa, (Museum of Modern Art) during New York Fashion Week and be released in New York and L.A. theaters on Sept. 21. It looks like Girls Night Out just got a fresh breath of air ladies.

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