Watercolor Wedding

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Watercolor Wedding

A watercolor wedding is a perfect option for the artistic couple. You don’t have to be an artist to appreciate good art and that’s exactly how we feel about a watercolor wedding. Gather inspiration from nature, from works of art and different colors and create the art-inspired wedding you’ve always wanted. Think of your wedding as a blank canvas, and you get to decide how to use the space and what colors to use. Let us inspire you with our Pinterest mood boards.


On This Canvas

1.Mignon VM728, ($398)
2.Wtoo 339, ($196)
3.Helens Heart FS279A1, ($118)
4.Jason J31, ($65)
5.Nika 8063, ($538)
6.Inge Christopher EVE518, ($108)
7.Allure SUNRISE, ($90)