We Love Our Customers

It’s Valentine’s Day, and we must confess year after year we grow a lil’ sweeter on some very important people: our customers. The cupcakes pictured below were the result of a very long journey involving searching, but not finding, the perfect dress for a very special occasion.

Suriah was helping a very special customer, K, who was in need of a dress in a hurry to celebrate her 25th birthday,  just two days away! She placed her order for a dress on a Thursday for next day air. She was expecting the dress on Friday and traveling to Atlantic City that evening. But Friday morning came, and the dress did not ship from the designer. Suriah called her immediately with the bad news and asked K if she’d like to come into the office to try on a few dresses in her size. K agreed, came to the office, but didn’t find a dress that she liked.
Suriah decided to see if the designer could ship K’s original dress pick to her hotel in Atlantic City. The designer was able to fulfill this request, and K was ecstatic. She’d be able to wear the dress she wanted to celebrate her big day.
This was almost a perfect story, but when K’s dress arrived at her hotel, it was too big for her. She had a backup dress and was still able to celebrate her birthday in style. K stopped by our office on Tuesday on her return trip to drop off her dress. And even though things didn’t work out perfectly, she was very happy with the service she received from the NewYorkDress.com team. She brought in cupcakes to say thank you. It’s one of the sweetest, nicest gestures and it still has us blushing.
Thank you, K! And Happy Valentine’s Day to all of our customers. We hope it’s extra special this year.